September 2021 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 
Monday, 6th September 2021 at Great Hale Magna Village Hall 

Councillor N Turner (Chairman)
Councillor J Cope
Councillor N Dady
Councillor L Mountain
Councillor M Barnatt
Councillor A Broom
Councillor S Needham
In attendance:     
D Smith (Clerk)
Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)
District Councillor S Ogden (North Kesteven District Council)
District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

Public Forum

There was one member of the public present who brought to those present attention an update about the ongoing problem with the drains in Orchard Close.  The member of the public said Anglian Water have now acknowledged that the pumps are not adequate when there is heavy rain/surface water.
Action:  Agenda item Monday,4th October 2021

The open session closed at 7.36pm.
Official Business of the Council

(1) To receive apologies and reasons given (21/086)
Apologies were received and accepted by those present from Cllr M Barnatt, Cllr A Broom and Cllr S Needham.

(2)  Notes of the meeting held on 7th July 2021 (21/087)
It was unanimously agreed by those present to add one item to the minutes that had been omitted in respect of the Re-dedication of the Church of St John the Baptist.  The minutes were approved by those present as a true and accurate record with this amendment.  The chairman signed the minutes.

(3)  To receive declaration of interest and to receive written request for new dpi dispensations (21/088)
None received.

(4)  To receive reports from any district councillors, county councillors or police in attendance (21/089)
Cllr Turner welcomed Cllr Kay to the meeting.  Cllr Kay said he will attend future meetings when his diary permits and invited those present to contact him.  
Cllr Kay told those present the highway issues have now been added to FixMyStreet, some of which have not met the criteria by Highways for action.  Cllr Kay informed those present he meets monthly in various locations with Rowan Smith (Lincoln Highways Manager, Lincolnshire County).  Cllr Kay suggested to those present he could arrange a meeting at Great Hale and have a walk around the village with Rowan Smith and councillor(s).  Cllr Turner raised his concern that the pavement on Hall Road did not meet the criteria for Highways to repair the pavement.   
Cllr Turner said he had witnessed elderly residents walking on the road due to the uneven pavement surface.  Cllr Turner thanked Cllr Kay for the suggestion to hold a meeting at Great Hale with Rowan Smith and said it was appreciated.
Action:  Cllr Kay to contact Clerk with a meeting date.

Cllr Turner said that a resident had raised concerns about roots under the pavement which were erupting the pavement and potentially under their property (Little Hale Road/Orchard Road).  Cllr Turner said the pavement had been on the report to Highways but no action had been taken, and asked Clerk to contact the resident to suggest they also report the problem on FixMyStreet and in writing, due to the resident’s concern about potential damage to private property.
Action:  Clerk to contact resident.

Cllr Tarry thanked those present for the suggestion to put an article in the Great Hale Newsletter regarding the Community Champions award, and this had now been done.  Cllr Tarry brought to those present attention the new purple bin for paper and cardboard and asked those present to flag up any problems.  A councillor present suggested to Cllr Tarry that perhaps the Planning Department could have a conversation with Anglian Water regarding the drain problem at Orchard Close to avoid any future planning issues.  Cllr Tarry asked the member of public present if he would be happy to give her any letters of concern from the residents regarding the drain problem and she would take a photocopy.  Cllr Tarry flagged up that any letters from residents would need to have given permission in respect of providing their name and address.

There were no further questions from the parish councillors.

Cllr Tarry and Cllr Ogden left the meeting at 7.50pm.
(5)  Planning applications 
(5.1)  Application 21/0714/FUL Crowland House, Crow Lane, Great Hale (21/090)
Notification of decision letter received from NKDC – approved.

(6)  Financial matters
(6.1)  To approve the bank reconciliation and spend to date (21/091)
It was unanimously resolved to accept bank reconciliation for July and August and the spend to date.


The Clerk gave those present an update regarding income.  The Clerk told those present that a cheque for £40.70 had been received from Arthur J Galaghar in respect of an insurance overpayment.  Clerk told those present she had sent an invoice for £472.77 to Lincolnshire County Council in respect of urban safety cutting for 2021/22.  Clerk also told those present that she would be making a VAT claim for £447.76 in respect of the 2020/2021 financial year.
(6.2)  To approve accounts for payment (21/092)
The clerk told those present she had already paid the July accounts for payment due to there being no August meeting.
Cllr Dady asked the Clerk if the payee name for 26/8/21 (£22) was correct or should it have been the Clerk’s name.  The Clerk confirmed it was an error and said she would amend the spreadsheet accordingly.
Action:  Clerk to update the reconciliation spreadsheet
It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment for July and August.
Action: Clerk to to make BACS payments for all outstanding payments due.

Accounts for Payment

02/08/21 Sally Fitzsimon / BACS / 2 hi viz vests for Litter Picking Group / £10.94

09/08/21 Time Assured Ltd / BACS / Service church clock (inv 21174) / £162.00

26/08/21 Dawn Smith / BACS / Parish Clerk expenses and 2 reams of paper August 2021 / £22.00

31/08/21 PJ Gardening Services / BACS / August grass cutting (inv 219) / £475.00

Total: £669.94

Payments Made in August Since Last Meeting

02/08/21 EE Limited / Direct Debit / Mobile phone / £8.25

28/08/21 Dawn Smith / Standing Order / August salary / £376.48

Total: £384.73

Total monthly spend: £1054.67

(6.3)  Notification of exempt status 2021 (21/093)
The Clerk informed those present that an email had been received on 15/07/21 from the SBA (Small Body Assurance) Team for and on behalf of PKF Little John LLP, Chartered Accountants confirming notification of exempt status for the year ending 31/03/21.

(6.4) Appointment of internal auditor (21/094)
It was unaminously resoloved to re-engage the services of Alison Bourne.
Action:  Clerk to inform Alison Bourne

(7) Highways matters for discussion
(7.1)  To receive an update on any outstanding potholes (21/095)
This item was partially discussed in item 4.  
Cllr Mountain flagged up the pothole located in the north section of Great Hale Fen.  Cllr Key said this could be checked when Rowan Smith (Highways) does a walk around the village.  
Action:  Clerk to report fault on FixMyStreet
(7.2) Grass cutting (21/096)
The Clerk told those present that the grass cutter had made her aware that there was a vehicle parked on the grass verge on Hall Park and he had been told it was unable to be moved, consequently he has cut the grass around the vehicle.  All other areas of grass cut and invoices received.
Clerk told those present she had contacted Highways, Lincolnshire County Council in respect of the query whether a strip of grass on Hall Park should have been cut by Highways.  The Clerk told those present she had received a reply to say that according to the grass cutting programme for 2020/21 all grass cutting in Great Hale falls under Great Hale Parish Council.
(7.3)  Electronic speed signs (21/097)
The Clerk gave those present prices from three companies in respect of portable electronic battery operated speed signs ranging from £2300 + VAT to £3175.00 + VAT.  Those present discussed the financial and logistical aspects of having a speed sign.  Cllr Turner told those present due to the high cost of purchasing a speed sign if it was agreed to proceed with purchasing an electronic speed sign it would have to be budgeted in the 2022/23 financial year and would increase the parish precept.

Cllr Key suggested to those present to find out if there could be a cheaper option, rather than purchasing a speed sign solely for the use of Great Hale.  Cllr Key suggested contacting Heckington Parish Council.  Cllr Key said he would contact the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to see if there is an alternative option or if there is a possibility of borrowing a speed sign for a trial before deciding whether to proceed with purchasing one.
Action:  Cllr Key to contact Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
Action:  Clerk to contact Heckington Parish Council

Cllr Mountain said she thought speed signs are a good thing. Those present discussed that if a speed sign was purchased a ‘speed-watch’ group of local residents would be needed to operate the speed sign.  Cllr Turner proposed that an article be put in the Great Hale Village Natters magazine to see if there would be interest for forming a village speed watch group and if residents would be happy to pay an increase in precept for the purchase of a sign.  The proposal was agreed.
Action:  An article to be put in the next publication of the village magazine.
 (7.4) Update on bid for a pavement between Grove Street and Barnard Close along Leas Road (21/098)
Cllr Key asked what the issue was, and Cllr Turner informed him it had no footpath and there was a blind corner.  Cllr Key said he would ask Rowan Smith, LCC what the criteria is regarding a footpath.
Action:  Cllr Key to speak to Rowan Smith, LCC Highways
(7.5)  Hedgerow Bedlam Lane/Queen’s Road (21/099)
The hedgerow has now been cut.
(7.6)  Flooding Update (21/100)
No update.

(8)  Orchard Green
(8.1)  To receive an update on Orchard Green inspections (21/101)
Cllr Turner told those present that the area in respect of litter had generally been good except for the week of the August bank holiday.
Cllr Dady said she would do the September inspection.
Action:  Cllr Dady to do September Orchard Green inspection
(8.2)  To discuss quotes for repair or replacement of damaged equipment (21/102)
Cllr Broom had emailed the parish councillors prior to the meeting and had informed them he had received three quotes, all of which were similar with the cost of a slide being approximately £3762.00.  Cllr Broom proposed to councillors that an alternative solution would be to repair the damaged materials and could be paid by the residue in the playground fund which would cover most of the costs for a carpenter and materials.
Action:  Clerk to get quotes for repairing the damaged multi-play piece of equipment. 
(8.3)  Inspection of chain link fence and working party update (21/103)
Cllr Turner informed those present that the working party had cut back the hedging and brambles along the boundary with the chain link fence and it was their view that this would form a better natural barrier in time than the chain link fencing.
(8.4)  Boundary – trees and hedge adjacent to bungalow (21/104)
The clerk told those present that the member of public who had previously called had telephoned again to request the trees/hedge be cut back.  Cllr Turner reported that the working party had commenced work on the undergrowth in this area and would be doing the next section in the autumn (October/November) and the working party will trim any overhanging branches at that time.
Action:  Clerk to update member of public

(9)  Other matters for discussion and resolution
(9.1)  Dog fouling sign – draft and pricing (21/105)    
The Clerk told those present she had contacted Displaypro and they had based a sign on ones purchased by Ruskington Parish Council.  The clerk showed those present a draft sign and said she had prices for 1, 3 or 5 signs with 5 signs costing £38.80 + VAT and £10.00 + VAT for artwork cost.  It was unanimously resolved by those present to purchase 10 signs and for Clerk to request a further discount.
Action:  Clerk to purchase 10 signs and request a further discount.
(9.2)  Church clock chamber (21/106)
Cllr Turner informed those present that an engineer from Time Assured had recently serviced the church clock.  Cllr Turner informed those present that after the engineer had serviced the clock before leaving the clock chamber his foot went through the floor of the clock chamber.  Cllr Turner told those present the clock is the responsibility of the Parish Council and the floor and fabric is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council.  Cllr Turner told those present he had been requested to remove the clock weights before the floor is repaired/replaced.  Cllr Turner said he was going to arrange to go to the tower to have a look and make a risk assessment but he has been informed that the architect has deemed the floor unsafe and so he has not been able to go into to the clock chamber.  Cllr Turner told those present he can not go in the clock chamber until he has been told it is safe to do so.
(9.3)  Churchyard foliage on graves (21/107)
The Clerk informed those present that she had received an email from the Church Warden regarding foliage on the gravestones.  It was unanimously resolved by those present for the working party to have a look in the autumn and take the necessary action.
Action:  Working party to visit churchyard in the autumn.
(9.4)  Churchyard boundary wall (21/108)
The Clerk informed those present she had received an email from the Church Warden regarding the boundary wall.  It was unanimously resolved by those present for the working party to have a look at the wall in the autumn.
Action:  Working party to look at church wall in the autumn.
(9.5)  Village hall roof (21/109)
A request had been received from a member of the public at the last open forum to ‘buy a tile’ for the village hall roof.  Cllr Kay informed those present that he is the chair of the village hall and the roof has now been replaced and paid for as a priority due to rain water pouring into the hall.  Cllr Kay informed those present the unexpected cost has left no money for other expenditure.  Cllr Kay told those present prior to the problem with the roof they were going to install CCTV, but it had to be returned when the roof had to be prioritised.  Cllr Kay told those present he would complete a grant application to the Parish Council for consideration.
Action:  Clerk to send Cllr Kay the grant application.
(9.6)  Orchard Close drains (21/110)
This item was partially discussed in item 4.  Those present unanimously agreed for the Clerk to write to the Complaints Department at Anglian Water to raise their concern about the two pumps which they understand are not be fit for purpose, causing problems for the residents.  The Parish Council also asked the Clerk to request Anglian Water to take into account the current problems experienced by the residents living in Orchard Close when commenting on future planning applications in the vicinity.
Action:  Clerk to write to Anglian Water
(9.7)  The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations 2022 (21/111)
Cllr Kay told those present that the village hall were going to hold a cèilidh on the 4th June 2022 and a picnic in the car park on the 5th June 2022 and suggested perhaps the parish council could be involved with the picnic celebrations.  Cllr Turner said it would be good to involve other parish groups.  It was unanimously resolved for the parish council to liaise with the village hall committee.  Cllr Cope volunteered to liaise with the village hall committee.  Cllr Turner thanked Cllr Cope for volunteering.
Action:  Cllr Cope to liaise with the village hall committee.

(10)  Correspondence
(10.1)  Migrant worker helpline (21/112)
The Clerk informed those present she had received a poster from the Citizens Advice Bureau regarding a Migrant Worker Helpline.  Cllr Kay told those present he would put a poster up in the village hall and Cllr Turner told those present he would put a poster up on the noticeboard.  The Clerk told those present she would email all the parish councillors the posters for information.
Action:  Clerk to email poster to parish councillors.

(11)  Future agenda items (21/113)
Cllr Turned asked those present for any future agenda items – no items given by those present.

(12)  Date of next meeting (21/114)
Monday, 4th October 2021 at 7.30pm
Cllr Turner thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.20pm.