April 2021 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held remotely on

Monday 12th April 2021 via Zoom Video Call

Present: Chairman Cllr N. Turner, Cllrs J. Cope, N.Dady, L.Mountain, S.Needham and M. Barnatt and A. Broom.

In attendance: Clerk K. Sinclair and District Cllr S. Tarry and S. Ogden.

Public Forum.

There we no members of the public present.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.31pm.


Official Business of the Council

1. To receive apologies and reasons given (21/001)

All Cllrs were present.

2. Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks (21/002)

The Chairman welcomed all Councillors to the meeting and thanked the Clerk for all the hard work over the last 2 years after receiving their resignation the previous week.

3. To approve the draft minutes from the meeting held on Monday 1st March 2021 (21/003)

It was unanimously resolved that the draft minutes from the previous meeting were a true record and could be approved and signed as minutes following an amendment to item 5.

Action: Chairman to sign the minutes when next possible. Clerk to upload to the website.

4. To receive declarations of interest and to receive written requests for new DPI dispensations (21/004)

Cllr Needham declared an interest in item 9.3 and Cllr Mountain declared an interest in 7.2 Planning Application 21/0393/FUL White House, Great Hale Drove

5. To acknowledge the resignation of the clerk dated 4th April 2021 (21/005)

The council acknowledged the resignation and unanimously resolved to accept the resignation of Kirsty Sinclair.

6. To receive reports from any District Councillors, County Councillors or Police in attendance (21/006)

The District Cllrs informed the council that they are now in a period of purdah so there were no major updates to give. However, Cllr S Tarry addressed a query raised by Cllr Broom regarding HGVs for the development to the rear of Orchard Close and the route that most were taking to access the site. Cllr S Tarry to pass on the Planning Enforcement Officer’s contact details so that the council could query the route being used quoting the relevant method statement.

7. Planning applications

7.1 Amendments to Application 20/1524/FUL Land to rear of 19A - 27 Orchard Close(21/007)

There were no further concerns raised regarding this application. However, the comments originally submitted by the parish council did not seem to be included within the planning documentation.

Action: District Cllr S Tarry offered to look into the missing comments.

Cllr L Mountain left the meeting at 7.48pm.

7.2 Application 21/0393/FUL White House, Great Hale Drove (21/008)

No objections or comments were made for this application.

Cllr L Mountain re-joined the meeting at 7.50pm.

7.3 Application 21/0311/FUL Abbey Parks Farm Shop, Boston Road, East Heckington (21/009)

No objections or comments were made for this application.

District Cllrs left the meeting at 7.51pm.

Financial matters

8.1 To approve the bank reconciliation and spend to date (21/010)

It was unanimously resolved to accept bank reconciliation and the spend to date.

Bank Reconciliation: Treasurers Account – 31st March 2021


Balance on 28th February 2021

 £         6,448.85

Total paid in

 £               -

Total paid out

 £            754.73

Balance on 31st March 2021

 £         5,694.12

General Ledger

Balance on 31st March 2021

 £         5,694.12

Account balances       

Treasurers account       £5,694.12

Business account              £250.27

Scottish Widows             £6,213.48

Total                            £12,157.87


8.2 To approve the accounts for payment (21/011)

It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

Action: Clerk to make BACS payments for all outstanding payments.




K Sinclair




PAYE deductions


PJ Gardening

Grass cut


Payments made since last meeting

K Sinclair



EE Limited

Phone bill


P Bavin Tree Care Specialist

Tree work in churchyard


8.3 To conduct the annual review of the schedule of reserves (21/012)

Following a review of the reserves, the schedule shown below was unanimously resolved by full council.

General Reserves

 £       5,922.14

Orchard Green

 £       2,021.93


 £       1,000.00

Election Costs

 £       1,000.00

Tree Works

 £       1,000.00


 £     10,944.07

9. Highway matters for discussion

9.1 To receive an update on any outstanding potholes (21/013)

Some work had been carried out to some of the potholes around the village.

9.2 To receive update on grass cutting in Great Hale (21/014)

There were no cuts done in March but Cllr Turner to instruct the contractor to carry out routine cuts from April onwards.

9.3 To receive an update on the bid for a pavement between Grove Street and Barnard Close along Leas Road (21/015)

There has still not been a response from Cllr Young and a holding response from LCC Highways.

Action: Clerk to chase Cllr B Young and Highways again.

9.4 To receive an update on the replacement grit bin on the corner of Leas Road and Grove Street (21/016)

The grit bin has still not been replaced.

Action: Clerk to chase update from LCC regarding replacement grit bin.

10. Orchard Green

10.1 To receive an update on Orchard Green inspections (21/017)

Cllr L Mountain conducted the most recent inspections. It was reported that a lot of children had been climbing the fence and using it to lean their bike on. The area would benefit from another cut and the grass around the play equipment could do with a strim. There are also brambles which need cutting back.

It was unanimously resolved to instruct the contractor to carry out fortnightly cuts from now on and a working party would meet next week to cut back the brambles.

10.2 To receive an update on the annual playground inspection (21/018)

The clerk has instructed Wicksteed to carry out the annual inspection as previously agreed by council. However, they have advised of a 6-8 week wait until the inspection can be completed.

11. Matters for discussion and resolution

11.1 To receive an update regarding the Great Hale COVID-19 Community Support (21/019)

There have been no further injects since the last meeting and with restrictions now lifting, Cllr Broom proposed that the scheme now cease operation.

It was unanimously resolved to cease operation of the COID-19 Community Support with immediate effect.

Action: Cllr Broom to send thanks to all volunteers on behalf of the council.

11.2 To receive an update on the sycamore trees in the Churchyard (21/020)

The work has now been complete.

11.3 To consider future meeting dates and the logistics surrounding the change in legislation which will no longer support remote council meetings from 7th May 2021 (21/021)

Due to the change in legislation, it was unanimously resolved to move the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting from the 10th May 2021 to Tuesday 4th May 2021 so that it could be held remotely.

Action: Clerk to update website and prepare agendas for the meetings as soon as possible.

11.4 To consider the purchase of five sack hoops for the village litter pickers (21/022)

It was unanimously resolved to purchase the sack hoops for the litter pickers at £5.99 each from Screwfix.

Action: Clerk to purchase hoops and arrange for them to be delivered.

11.5 To discuss the need and location of dog fouling signage around the village (21/023)

After an increase in dog fouling around the village, it was agreed that the village would benefit from more dog fouling signage.

Action: Cllr Turner would contact NKDC regarding signage.

12. Correspondence (21/024) - as per list

Received From


Church warden

Railings around the churchyard


Election notices


Passing of HRH Prince Philip

All correspondence was noted during the meeting. The church railings will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

13. Future agenda items (21/025)

No requests were made for the next agenda.

14. To resolve to move into closed session in accordance with the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to HR matters (21/026)

It was unanimously resolved to move into closed session.

The meeting was closed to the public at 8.32pm.

14.1 To discuss the recruitment process for a new clerk following the resignation from the current clerk (21/027)

Following the resignation from the clerk, job descriptions and job adverts were discussed and approved. The deadline date for applications and interview dates were also agreed.

It was unanimously resolved to advertise for a new clerk with a deadline for the applications of 30th April and interviews to be held the week commencing 10th May 2021.

Action: Clerk to contact LALC, the monitoring officer at NKDC and advertise the position on social media and the website.

15. Date of next meeting (21/028)

Tuesday 4 May 2021

The meeting closed at 8.44pm.