July 2021 Minutes




Councillor N Turner

Councillor J Cope

Councillor N Dady

Councillor L Mountain

Councillor M Barnatt

Councillor A Broom                                           


Councillor S Needham

Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)

District Councillor S Ogden (North Kesteven District Council

In attendance:   

D Smith (Clerk)

District Councillor S Tarry


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

Public Forum

There was one member of the public present who brought to those present attention:

Update on the flooding issues on the Fen Road and correspondence with Network Rail who have a new person dealing with the issue, Robert Flemming

A request for consideration to ‘buy a tile’ to raise money to purchase a new village hall roof.

ActionAgenda item Monday, 6th September 2021

Brought to those present attention foul smelling drains at Orchard Close

ActionAgenda item Monday, 6th September 2021


The open session closed at 7.30pm

Official Business of the Council

(1) To receive apologies and reasons given (21/061)

Apologies were received and accepted by those present from Cllr S Needham, Cllr A Key (LCC) and Cllr S Ogden (NKDC). 

(2) Notes of the meeting held on 23rd June 2021 (21/062)

The minutes were accepted by those present as a true and accurate record.  The chairman signed the minutes.

(3) To receive declaration of interest and to receive written request for new dpi dispensations (21/063)

Declaration of interest given by Cllr Cope in respect of item 5.1.

(4) To receive reports from any district councillors, county councillors or police in attendance (21/064)

A report from had been received from Cllr Key on 4th July 2021.  The clerk gave those present a paper copy of the report.

Cllr Tarry brought to those present attention the North Kesteven Community Champions Award.  Cllr Tarry explained there are 12 categories and invited nominations.  Cllr Tarry said she would email the Clerk information about the Community Champion Awards

Action:  Cllr Tarry to forward information to Clerk and for Clerk to forward the information to all councillors.

Cllr Tarry informed those present the Central Lincolnshire Plan consultation would be coming out soon.

Cllr Tarry told those present NKDC had introduced a new initiative ‘war on fly tippers’ to reduce illegal dumping

Great Hale Parish Council suggested that she could Contact the editor of Village Natters regarding the Community Champions Awards to publicise these.

A councillor present brought to Cllr Tarry’s attention that there had recently been a complaint from a member of the public which had been forwarded from NKDC to Great Hale Parish Council.  The councillor told Cllr Tarry that it was not under the jurisdiction of the parish council as it was regarding an anti-social behaviour problem and as such should have been dealt with by NKDC.  Cllr Tarry asked for the email to be forwarded to Heidi Ryder, Community Safety Manager at NKDC who deals with anti-social behaviour problems.

Action:  Clerk to forward email to Heidi Ryder, Community Safety Manager, NKDC        

(5) Planning applications

(5.1) Application 21/0714/FUL Crowland House, Crow Lane Great Hale (21/065)

Amended details letter received from NKDC in respect of red line boundary to included proposed grazing land.

Application 20/1524/FUL land rear of 19A-27 Orchard Close (21/066)

Since sending out the agenda NKDC notification of decision letter received – approved.

(5.2) Notification of decision

Application 21/0677/HOUS Bramble Cottage, Great Hale Drove, Great Hale (21/067)

Notification of decision letter received from NKDC – approved.

Application 21/0473/FUL Mons Cottage, Old Main Road, East Heckington  (21/068)

Notification of decision letter received from NKDC – approved.

Cllr Tarry left the meeting at 7.47pm

(6) Financial matters

(6.1) To approve the bank reconciliation and spend to date (21/069)

It was unanimously resolved to accept bank reconciliation and the spend to date.    

(6.2) To approve accounts for payment (21/070)

It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

Action: Clerk to ask Kirsty Sinclair to make BACS payments for all outstanding payments due to new clerk waiting for access to the banking system.

Accounts for Payment

02/08/21 Sally Fitzsimon / BACS / 2 hi viz vests for Litter Picking Group / £10.94

09/08/21 Time Assured Ltd / BACS / Service church clock (inv 21174) / £162.00

26/08/21 Dawn Smith / BACS / Parish Clerk expenses and 2 reams of paper August 2021 / £22.00

31/08/21 PJ Gardening Services / BACS / August grass cutting (inv 219) / £475.00

Total August Accounts for Payment £669.94

Payments Made in August Since Last Meeting

02/08/21 EE Limited / Direct Debit / Mobile phone / £8.25

28/08/2021 Dawn Smith / Standing Order / August salary / £376.48

Total £384.73

Total monthly spend £1054.67

(6.3) Request from new Clerk for two small filing cabinets, to be used for storage and location of printer (21/071)

Approved by those present for Clerk to purchase two filing cabinets up to the total value of £120.00. 

ActionClerk to purchase two filing cabinets.

(7) Highways matters for discussion

(7.1) Outstanding potholes (21/072)

It was agreed to send the report with photo(s) of the highways issues to County Cllr Key which had been previously sent to his predecessor.

It was agreed by those present to invite Cllr Key to walk around the village with parish councillor(s).

ActionEmail report to County Cllr Key.

(7.2) Grass cutting (21/073)

All relevant areas cut and invoice received.

(7.3) Council grass cutting agreement with LCC and identify areas in dispute (21/074)

A councillor present brought to those present attention a strip of grass on Hall Park which has not been cut by LCC Highways.

Action:  Clerk to contact LCC Highways.

(7.4)Update on bid for a pavement between Grove Street and Barnard Close along Leas Road (21/075)

No update.

(8) Orchard Green

(8.1) To receive an update on Orchard Green inspections (21/076)

Cllr Needham had given a written report due to not being able to attend the meeting.  Cllr Needham had reported no problems other than litter and dog fouling.

Cllr Turner said he was due to do the next inspection and it was agreed by those present he would authorise an extra cut or lower the cut for grass cutting if required.

(8.2) To receive an update on the annual playground inspection (21/077)

No further update (discussed at the Extra Ordinary Meeting held on 23rd June 2021 – item 6).

(8.3)To discuss quotes for repair or replacement of damaged equipment (21/078)

Cllr Broom brought to those present attention various options regarding a replacement slide.  Cllr Broom to obtain quotes. Cllr Broom told those present he had made a formal complaint regarding the matting.  Cllr Broom said he would be obtaining three quotes.

Action:  Cllr Broom to obtain quotes

Action:  Agenda item 6th September 2021

A councillor asked about the condition of the chain link fence.  It was agreed by those present for Cllr Barnatt and Cllr Cope to organise a working party of councillors to meet at Orchard Park at 9.00am on Thursday, 8th July 2021 to inspect the fence and to clear the undergrowth in the spinney.

ActionWorking party of councillors to meet at 9.00am, 8th July 2021

(9) Other matters for discussion and resolution

(9.1) To receive an update on the dog fouling signage around the village (21/079)

Those present requested the clerk to find out which are the appropriate dog fouling signs to purchase.  A councillor asked the Clerk to contact Kirsty Sinclair, Clerk, Ruskington Parish Council who has previously purchased signs.

Action:  Clerk to contact Kirsty Sinclair, Ruskington Parish Council

Action:  Agenda item next meeting 6th September 2021

(9.2) To receive an update on the refurbishment of the church railings (21/080)

Update to be given by Cllr Broom and Cllr Turner at next meeting.

Action:  Agenda item 6th September 2021

(10) Correspondence

(10.1)   Litter picking – request for hi vis jacket (21/081)

A request from Sally Fitzsimons (Great Hale litter picking group) had been received in respect of a hi vis vest.  It was agreed by those present to approve the purchase of two hi vis vests up to a total of £15.00 and to reimburse Sally for the cost.

Action:  Clerk to inform Sally.

(10.2)   Playing field adjacent to Orchard Close (21/082)

A complaint had been received from a member of the public in respect of the spinney at Orchard Park playing field.  This item was discussed in item 4 (21/064) due to it being an anti-social behaviour problem and also those present had agreed to clear undergrowth in the spinney [see item 8.3 (21/078)] which should help alleviate the concerns raised.

Action:  Clerk to forward complaint to Heidi Ryder, Community Safety Manager, NKDC   [see item 4 (21/064)]

Action:  Clerk to contact member of public in respect of agreed action.

(10.3)    Re-dedication of the Church of St John the Baptist (21/083)
The Church Warden had emailed the Clerk to ask if the morning of 12/09/21 was a good date for councillors to attend the re-dedication.  No objection given by those present.
Action:  Clerk to email Church Warden.
Those present discussed the proposed tree planting by the Parochial Church Council.  Those present thought it would be more suitable to have a plaque in the church, so that it would be a longstanding record of the restoration of the church and where it would not be weathered by the elements.
Action:  Clerk to email Church Warden with the Parish Council’s suggestion for consideration.

(11) To resolve to move into closed session in accordance with the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to the recruitment of the new clerk/RFO (21/084)

It was unanimously resolved to move into closed session.

Clerk agreed and signed her contract of employment.   It was agreed by those present to pay the new Clerk £15.00 office expenses each month in respect of working from home.

(12) Future agenda items (21/085)

Hedgerow Bedlam Lane/Queen’s Road

Flooding update

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations 2022

(13) Date of next meeting (21/086)

Monday, 6th September 2021

Action:  Clerk to check the hall is booked for the remainder of meetings in 2021.

Cllr Turner thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting at 8.38pm.