December 2021 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 

Monday, 6th December 2021 at Great Hale Magna Village Hall  



Councillor N Turner (Chairman)

Councillor A Broom

Councillor N Dady

Councillor L Mountain


Councillor M Barnatt

Councillor J Cope

Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)

District Councillor S Ogden (North Kesteven District Council)

District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council)

In attendance: D Smith (Clerk)


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm.


Public Forum

One member of the public present who gave an update regarding Network Rail.

The open session closed at 7.34pm.


Official Business of the Council


(1)  To receive apologies and reasons given (21/161)

Apologies were received and accepted by those present from Councillor Barnatt and Councillor Cope.  District Councillor Tarry, District Councillor Ogden and Councillor Key were unable to attend the meeting.

(2)  Notes of the meeting held on 1st November 2021 (21/162)

It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 1st November 2021 were a true record.  Chair signed the minutes.

Action  Clerk to upload minutes to the website

(3) To receive declaration of interest and to receive written request for new dpi dispensations (21/163)

None received.

(4) To receive reports from any district councillors, county councillors or police in attendance (21/164)

None received.

(5) Planning applications (21/165)

No planning applications received.

(6) Financial matters

(6.1) To approve the October 2021 bank reconciliation and spend to date (21/166)

It was unanimously resolved to accept the bank reconciliation and spend to date.

(6.2) To approve accounts for payment (21/167)

It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

Action:  Clerk to make BACS payments for all outstanding payments.

(6.3) Draft budget (21/168)

The 2022-2023 budget was discussed and drafted, ready to be finalised in January 2021.

Action:  Agenda item next meeting.

(6.4) Grant applications (21/169)

Applications were discussed and it was unanimously agreed to award:

Village Natters £200.00 per annum (to be funded from the Community Infrastructure Levy)

Hale Magna Village Hall - £250.00 

Heckington Area Voluntary Car Scheme - £250.00

Action:  Clerk to pay the three grants by BACS.

(6.5) Updated Statement of Assurance – for approval (21/170)

Deferred until the next meeting.

Action:  Agenda item next meeting.

(7) Highways matters for discussion and resolution

(7.1) LCC Parish Agreement Scheme – Urban Highways Grass Cutting 2022-23 (21/171)

It was unanimously agreed to continue with the LCC Parish Agreement Scheme.

Action:  Clerk to inform LCC

(7.2) Speed reducing solution (21/172)

Discussed by those present and unanimously agreed to invite a representative from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to a future meeting to give advice and suggest an effective solution.

Action:  Clerk to contact Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

(8) Orchard Green for discussion and resolution

(8.1) To receive update on Orchard Green inspections (21/173)

Councillor Turner told those present one rotten tree was removed but there are others that need to be removed by the next working party. 

Action:  Councillor Barnatt to do the next inspection..

(9) Other matters for discussion and resolution

(9.1) Appointment of new parish councillor (21/174)

A request from 10 electors had not been received by 16th November 2021 for the casual vacancy in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council, subsequently the vacancy will now be filled through Co-option by the Parish Council.  It was unanimously agreed to advertise the vacancy with applications to be received by 14th January 2022.  Interviews to be week commencing 24th January 2022.

(9.2) Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations (21/175)

It was discussed and unanimously agreed by those present to plant trees and have a sitting area on Orchard Green in commemoration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

(9.3) Proposal regarding use of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) (21/176)

It was unanimously resolved in item 6.4 to use £200 of the CIL for the payment to the Village Natters magazine and also to be use CIL for the new area on Orchard Green in respect of commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (item 9.2).

(9.4) NKDC Dog Fouling Policy (21/177)

Deferred to next meeting.

Action:  Agenda item next meeting.

(9.5) Clock Winder Plaque (21/178)

Clerk has passed on relevant information found in previous paperwork and also signposted to the Lincolnshire Archives.

(9.6) Meeting Dates 2022-2023 (21/179)

Meeting dates unanimously provisionally agreed.

Action:  Clerk to contact Margaret Bothamley, Caretaker, Hale Magna Village Hall to book dates.

(9.7) Church Warden, Parochial Church Council regarding clock chamber floor (21/180)

Financial contribution no longer required.

(9.8) Website service level agreement (21/181)

Unanimously agreed to upgrade from Basic to Premium service level agreement at a cost of £15.00 + VAT a month.

(10) Future agenda items (21/182)

- Internal auditor 2022/23 

- Future Meeting Dates

- NKDC Dog Fouling Policy

- Internal Audit - Statement of Assurance – for approval

(11) Date of next meeting (21/183)

7.30pm, 10 January 2022 at Hale Magna Village Hall

Cllr Turner thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.24pm