March 2022 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Minutes Taken at Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday, 7TH March 2022 at Great Hale Magna Village Hall


Councillor N Turner (Chairman)

Councillor M Barnatt

Councillor A Broom

Councillor G Cooke 

Councillor J Cope

Councillor L Mountain


Councillor N Dady 

County Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)

District Councillor S Ogden (North Kesteven District Council)

Mrs D Smith (Parish Clerk)

In attendance:

District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council)

Miss Kirsty Sinclair (Locum Clerk)


The Chairman opened the meeting at 1830hrs.

Public Forum

One member of the public present to observe only.

Official Business of the Council

(1) Apologies (21/210)

Council accepted apologies from Councillors Dady, District Councillor Ogden, County Councillor Key and Mrs Smith for their non-attendance.

(2) Previous meeting held on 7th February 2022 (21/211)

It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 7 February 2022 were a true record.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

(3) To receive declarations of interests (21/212)

Councillor Cooke declared an interest in item 9.5.

(4) To receive reports from County and District councillors (21/213)

Councillor Tarry advised that NKDC had determined council tax rates following the very recent announcement of a rebate by central government. She stated that any citizens experiencing difficulties with payment should not hesitate to contact NKDC. 

Councillor Tarry advised that the NK Plan 2022-25 and the NK Finance Plan was now available and would be circulated to the councillors accordingly. 

Councillors Tarry left the meeting at 1842 hrs.

(5) Planning Applications 

(5.1) Council noted the decision for application 21/1783/ADV (21/214)

(6) Finance matters 

(6.1) Council approved the February 2022 bank reconciliation and acknowledged the spend to date. (21/215)

(6.2) Council approved accounts presented for approval (21/216)

(7) Highway matters (21/217)

The following highway matters were noted:

• Flooding on Leas Road has been reported to directly to LCC. 

• The potholes on Kings Lane have been repaired by LCC.

• The Hedge on Little Hale Road is overhanging the footpath and needs reporting on Fix My Street

• The diesel spillage on Orchard Close was made safe and cleared promptly by Highways.

• Only 10 out of approximately 85 potholes have been filled on the Fen Road. 

• Action: All outstanding highways matters to be reported.

(8) Orchard Green

(8.1) Inspections (21/218):  Weekly inspections completed with satisfaction, and all was in order. It was noted that the repairs to the multiplay have been complete to a good standard. 

(8.2) Annual Playground Inspection (21/219)

Action: Quote from Wicksteed to be obtained for the next meeting. 

(9) Other matters

(9.1) Parliamentary Boundary Review (21/220): The council had no comments to make at this time. 

(9.2) Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant Community Power Fund (21/221): Councillor Broom to obtain more information regarding deadlines for funding applications. 

(9.3) Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire (21/222): More information required before any donations could be considered. 

Action: Letter to be written to Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire advising of the council grants policy, deadlines and the additional information required. 

(9.4) Replacement benches around the village (21/223): CIL money to be used to purchase two replacement benches and permission for third bench to be obtained from LCC. 

Action: Contact LCC regarding the location of new bench. 

(9.5) Appointment of new clerk (21/224): To resolve to move into closed session in accordance with the public bodies (admission to meetings) act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to HR matters. 

It was resolved to move into closed session at 1911 hrs. The member of the public and Cllr Cooke left the meeting. 

Council resolved unanimously to appoint Tracy Cooke as the new Clerk and RFO to council.

Cllr Cooke re-joined the meeting at 1917hrs.

Council was advised that the new NJC pay scales had been published and that backpay would be owed to the 2 previous clerks. 

Action: Backpay to be calculated for next meeting. 

(10) Future agenda items (21/225):  

Plans for the Platinum Jubilee

Sleaford Renewable Plant Fund 

The tidying of the Churchyard as requested by the church warden

The internal audit for 2021-22 accounts

(11) Date and place of next meeting (21/226)

Monday 4th April 2022 @ 1830 hrs in Hale Magna Village Hall.