December 2022 Draft minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Notes taken at Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday, 5th December 2022 at 7pm at Hale Magna Village Hall

Present:        Councillor N Turner    (Chairman)
            Councillor G Cooke     (Vice Chairman)
            Councillor M Barnatt
            Councillor J Cope
            Councillor N Dady
            Councillor L Mountain

            County Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)

Apologies        Councillor A Broom
            District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council
            District Councillor S Ogden  (North Kesteven District Council)

In attendance:    Mrs Tracy Cooke – (Parish Clerk)

Public Forum

The Public Forum Opened at 7.00 pm.

The Chairman welcomed the public to the 15 minute Public Forum

There were 3 members of the public present.

A parishioner raised the issue of speeding through the village saying that he had been coming to Parish Council meetings for 3.5 years to discuss the issue.  Another parishioner raised the point that more money was moved to the Reserves than she thought and would like to have the amounts explained to her.  Chair explained that the additional money was the CIL money, which needed to be kept separate.

Another Parishioner continued with the speeding issue and wished to see a resolution to the long running issue.

He continued that he still hadn’t heard from Network Rail and was going to leave it another week before approaching his MP.

Chairman closed the Public open forum at 7.04 pm

Chairman opened the Parish Council meeting at 7.04 pm

Official Business of the Council

1.    Chairman’s Welcome (22/148)

Cllr Turner welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone attending.
He further added that he wished to thank the Clerk for her additional hours throughout the past month.

2.    Apologies (22/149)

Council accepted apologies from Councillor Broom and District Councillors Tarry and Ogden for their non-attendance.

3    Previous meeting held on 7th November 2022 (22/150)

It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 7th November 2022 were a true record. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

4.    Clerk’s Report (22/151)
a.    Register of Councillors’ interests collated, scanned & sent to NKDC
b.    Communication with Cllr Tarry re damaged tree & fly tipping
c.    CiLCA Day 2
d.    Communication with new resident next door to Spinney
e.    Communication with Churchwarden re Churchyard tidying
f.    Number of phone calls with Anglian Water re reservoir    
g.    Meeting with Chair on budget
h.    Website Course
i.    Communication with Graeme Butler re siting of reactive speed sign

5.    To receive declarations of interests (22/152)
Cllr Cooke made a declaration of interests on Item 8

6.    To receive reports from County and District councillors (22/153)
Cllr Key raised the issue that there are proposed cuts to Radio Lincolnshire, reducing the number of articles being broadcast, about and from Lincolnshire.  Cllr Key said that he would be raising a question to Chair of the Council.  He urged the Public to contact the Director General of BBC to raise their concerns.

7    Planning Applications (22/154)

(7.1)    Anglian Water reservoir

Cllr Turner said that he had attended the Heckington Open Forum and stated that the plans appear to have changed.  In particular closing of the Swaton to A52 road and Burton to Scredington (which is being diverted).

Cllr Key had asked Anglian Water (AW) if they could make a list of most commonly asked Questions so that the answers could put people’s minds at rest.  They said that this would be considered.

Cllr Turner said that he had spoken to AW about Great Hale being missed out during the consultation. AW have been in contact with the Clerk and will be available for a meeting some time shortly.

Action:  Clerk: to liaise with Anglian Water to organise a meeting / briefing

Cllr Key left the meeting at 7:  pm  

8    Finance matters 

(8.1)    To approve the November 2022 bank reconciliation and spend to date. (22/155)

(8.2)    To approve accounts for payment (22/156)
It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

(8.3)   To discuss Budget for 2023 / 2024 (22/157)

Cllr Turner said that we had spoken to the Internal Auditor about the money not accounted or budgeted for.  She said that it is acceptable to spend this money on items we wished to purchase, for example, the reactive speed sign.

Budget sheets were gone through and approximate figures were assigned for the next financial year.

Action:  Chair and Clerk to add and calculate amount required for the precept.

(9)    Highway matters for discussion and resolution 

(9.1)    Speeding through the village (22/158)

Cllr Cooke took the lead and explained that he had sought 3 quotes for the interactive speed signs.  He went through the 3 quotes and stated that the ElanCity quote was less expensive, supplied data and was able to be converted to Solar for an additional £50.  It has Bluetooth technology so data was able to be read and used effectively.  

Graeme Butler has supplied information on where the speed sign should be situated.

These signs cut out at a certain speed which would limit the ‘boy racer’ effect.
Cllr Cooke proposed that we should go with the Elan City speed sign and purchase an additional 3 brackets so that the sign can be moved to different locations within the village.
The proposal was seconded by Cllr Mountain and unanimously approved.

Action:  to order the reactive sign and 3 additional brackets through ElanCity.  To liaise with Graeme Butler re locating the Fen Road sign.  Cllr Turner to attend.
(9.2)    Bench – corner of Little Hale Road / Church Street (22/159)
    Clerk reported that Cllr Broom had enquired about an additional quote for installing the bench on the corner of Little Hale Road / Church Street. He stated that the previous quote from Willowhomes was competitive. It was proposed and agreed that Willowhomes should be asked to install the bench.

    Action:  Clerk to contact Willowhomes to ask them to proceed with the installation of the bench.

(9.3)    Any other Highways Matters (22/160)
    Cllr Key stated that Highways works are being done resulting in road closures.
    He raised the issue of pot holes and said that these should be reported via Fix my Street.     

    Action:  Cllr Cooke to do Fix my Street for 3 areas with potholes – Carter Plot, Little Hale Road towards Little Hale and Leas Road.

10    Orchard Green 

10.1    Inspections (22/161):  

    Cllr Barnatt reported that the park was in good condition with just a little bit of litter.  The swings have gone green and need a clean.  One of the benches has been moved. 

    Action:  Next month’s inspections – Cllr Turner. To also clean the swings.

11    Other matters 

(11.1)     Heckington Car Voluntary Service (22/162)

    Cllr Mountain attended the Heckington Car Voluntary Service AGM.
    She stated that 145 journeys were made for Great Hale residents totalling 3,656 miles.  It is an invaluable service to parishioners who needed the service.

    Action : Clerk to contact Richard Higgs from HCVS to inform him of the Grant request process.

12    To resolve to go into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to HR and pay matters.

It was unanimously resolved to move into closed session.

The Chairman closed the meeting and opened the closed session at 8.15pm.

The revised nalc pay scales were released last month. Pay increases for the Clerk were listed resulting in back pay of £279.46 to be paid and an increase in the hourly rate.
    It was agreed to pay the Clerk’s Back pay of £279.46 and accepted the new rate of pay at £12.28 per hour.
13    Future agenda items (22/163)

(11.1)     Budget and precept
(11.2)     ‘Spinney’ area 
(11.3)     HCVS Grant application

13    Date and place of next meeting (22/164)

Monday 9th January 2023 @ 7pm in Hale Magna Village Hall.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 8.25 pm