February 2022 Notes

Great Hale Parish Council

Notes Taken at Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 7th February 2022 at Great Hale Magna Village Hall


Councillor N Turner    (Chairman)
Councillor M Barnatt
Councillor A Broom
Councillor G Cooke (Elect)
Councillor N Dady


Councillor J Cope
Councillor L Mountain
Mrs D Smith (Parish Clerk)

In attendance:    

County Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)
District Councillor S Ogden (North Kesteven District Council)
District Councillor S Tarry    (North Kesteven District Council)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 1830hrs.

Public Forum

One member of the public present, who expressed his dissent over comments made at January’s Council meeting when Council discussed the Village Hall allocation of meeting rooms. 

The same person advised the Council that he would cease forthwith, his endeavours with relevant agencies regarding the road flooding at Drove One rail crossing in Great Hale.  He wished the Parish Council to continue monitoring rectification. 

The Public forum closed at 1835hrs.

Official Business of the Council

(1) Apologies (21/193)

Council accepted apologies from Councillors Cope and Mountain, and Mrs Smith for their non-attendance.

(2) Previous meeting held on 10 January 2022 (21/194)

It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 10 January 2022 were a true record.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

(3) Appointment of new Parish Councillor (21/195)

Following an interview with the whole Council on 27 January 2022, it was agreed to co-opt Mr Grahame Cooke onto the Council.  The Chairman offered a warm welcome to Councillor Cooke.

(4) To receive declarations of interests (21/196)

There were no declarations made from attending councillors.

(5) To receive reports from County and District councillors (21/197)

County Councillor Key advised that LCC were currently holding intensive meetings to determine the forthcoming rate of council tax for financial year 2022/23.  He was pleased to advise that a number of outstanding tasks for Fix My Street repairs in Great Hale had been approved/scheduled by LCC Highways.

Councillor Tarry advised that NKDC was determining council tax rates following the very recent announcement of a rebate by central government. She stated that any citizens experiencing difficulties with payment should not hesitate to contact NKDC. Councillor Tarry reminded Council that applications for grants from Community Champions Summer 2022 must be submitted by 13 March 2022.  Councillor Tarry also clarified reporting procedures of dog fouling to NKDC.  

Action: Council Tax assistance to be entered in Village Natters

Councillors Key, Ogden and Tarry left the meeting at 1855 hrs.

(6) Planning Applications

(6.1) Council accepted decision for application 21/1874/FUL (21/198)

(6.2) Council did not offer any suggestions of a street name for the small development off Orchard Close.  It was left to be decided by the developer or NKDC however the Parish Council would like to have the opportunity to comment on any proposed name. (21/199)

(7) Finance matters

(7.1) Council approved the January 2022 bank reconciliation and acknowledged the spend to date. (21/200)

(7.2) Council approved accounts presented for approval. (21/201)

(7.3) After discussing possible training needs for the coming financial year, Council resolved to opt for the LALC annual training fee of £95.00 + vat. (21/202)
(8) Highway matters

(8.1) Speed reduction (21/203):  Matter of speed reduction reviewed.  Taking into account surveys and studies over the past 18 months, Council resolved that introducing any new measures would not be feasible at this moment in time.  Council resolved to remove this topic from future agendas unless there are any changes in circumstances. 

(8.2) Highway maintenance (21/204):  Cllr Cooke reported a faulty streetlight on Hale Road and he was going to report this on Fix My Street apart from routine observation and reporting of pot holes in the local area, there was no other action required.

Action:  Cllr Cooke to report faulty streetlight on Fix My Street

(9) Orchard Green

(9.1) Inspections (21/205):  Weekly inspection completed with satisfaction, and all was in order.

(9.2) Work party (21/206): A working party would assemble to clear the overgrown area on Thursday 17 February at 0900 hrs.

(10) Other matters

(10.1) Platinum Jubilee (21/207): Council resolved that once the overgrown area (Item 9.2 above) is cleared a design for a Platinum Jubilee Garden would be created involving planting of trees and landscaping, including seating benches etc., this will be the Parish Councils main contribution to the Village in recognition of the Queens Platinum Jubilee. 

Action:  Cllr Broom was requested to obtain quotes for suitable seating.

(11) Future agenda items (21/208):  No items were offered at this stage.

(12) Date and place of next meeting (21/209)

7 March 2022 @ 1830 hrs in Hale Magna Village Hall.