October 2022 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Notes taken at Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday, 3rd October 2022 at 7pm at Hale Magna Village Hall

Present:        Councillor N Turner    (Chairman)
        Councillor G Cooke (Vice Chairman)
        Councillor M Barnatt
        Councillor A Broom
        Cllr J Cope
        County Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council) 
        District Councillor S Ogden  (North Kesteven District Council)

Apologies        District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council)
        Councillor N Dady
        Councillor L Mountain

In attendance:    Mrs Tracy Cooke – (Parish Clerk)

Public Forum

The Public Forum Opened at 7.00 pm.

The chairman welcomed the public to the 15 minute Public Forum
Chairman opened the Public Forum at 7.00pm and explained the procedures to those present.

There were 9 members of the public present.

A parishioner spoke about the speed issue along Little Hale Road. He explained how he wanted flashing speed cameras as villages like Wilsford. He explained that 2 children had been knocked off their bikes and one other gentleman had been knocked over.  He said that there was little point in the 30mph stickers on bins.

An other parishioner agreed with the above points.  He went on to discuss Network Rail and that a landowner is blocking the works being carried out.  He went on to discuss the Anglian Water Reservoir and the potential negative effective on the area.

The Public forum closed at 7.07pm

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.07pm

Official Business of the Council

1    Apologies (22/108)
    Council accepted apologies from District Councillor Tarry and Parish Councillors Mountain and Dady for their non-attendance.

2    Previous meeting held on 4th July 2022 (22/109)

    It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 5th September 2022 were a true record. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

3.    Clerk’s Report (22/110)

1.    HM Queen boards, website, statement & condolence book
2.    Contacted NKDC re fly tipping on Carter Plot Road
3.    Contacted Highways & NKDC re bins on the grass
4.    Costed Wheelie bin stickers (99p each plus £2.99 delivery)
5.    Created Speeding survey and distributed along Little Hale Road (Cllr Cooke)
6.    Liaison with Graeme Butler – Lincs Road Safety & meeting with him & Cllrs Turner & Cooke
7.    Scanned and sent NKDC Code of Conduct
8.    Litter pickers contacted & grant applied for.
9.    Dog poo bin ordered. (3-4 week lead time)
10.    Civility & Respect pledge submitted to nalc website
11.    Bicker Fen windfarm grant – started application.
12.    Emails with local resident re grass verges
13.    Invoice raised to LCC as contribution to Gt Hale Grass cutting.

4    To receive declarations of interests (22/111)
    Cllr Cooke made a declaration of interests on Items 7 and 11

5    To receive reports from County and District councillors (22/112)
    County Councillor Key wanted to discuss the speeding issue along Little Hale Road.  The cost of ‘gates’ (discussed as an option in Heckington) was approx     £7.5K, which is prohibitive.  He said that the flashing signs are working well in Heckington and 80% of cars are travelling at around the 30mph limit.  He     explained that the Speedwatch groups are extremely effective and would work well together.  Furthermore, Cllr Key had attended the service of     Remembrance at Church for HM The Queen.

    Cllr Broom discussed the application approx. a year ago to lay paving from Barnard Close to Grove Street.  Cllr Key said that no progress had been made in     this application. He said that he had voted last week about the £7M under spend from Lincolnshire County Council.  £5M has been allocated for Highways.  Cllr     Key said that the money is not available for this project at the moment.  He suggested that another letter would help.

    Cllr Turner asked about the Anglian Water Reservoir and the impacts on the local area. Cllr Key said that the consultation has not yet started but would keep us     updated and represent us when the time came.

    Cllr Key left the meeting at 7.24 pm

    Cllr Ogden said that he had nothing to add.

6    Planning Applications (22/113)

(6.1)    Re: Preliminary Inquiry – A17 Old Road, Disused Section of Road to N of A17, East Heckington, Boston Lincolnshire, PE20 3QG, Existing NGR: E: 520103, N:     343965, Proposed NGR: E: 520093 N: 343970         No comments from Councillors
(6.2)    Notification of Receipt of Planning Application Planning Application Reference: 22/1337/HOUS Proposal: Erection of single storey rear and side extension     Location: 10A Grove Street Great Hale Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9JY  No comments from Councillors
(6.3)    Notification of Receipt of Planning Application Planning Application Reference: 22/1352/HOUS Proposal: Proposed loft conversion and balcony to gable side     Location: 4 The Maples Great Hale Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9XA  No comments from Councillors

7    Finance matters 

(7.1)    To approve the September 2022 bank reconciliation and spend to date. (22/114)

(7.2)    To approve accounts for payment (22/115)

    It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

(8)    Highway matters for discussion and resolution 

(8.1)    Speeding through the village (22/116)

    Cllr Turner explained that Graeme Butler (Lincs Road Safety Partnership) had come out for a meeting last Friday and spent some time going through various     options.

a.    Passive signs – check whether we are eligible for the 6 free passive signs.
b.    Battery powered reactive / flashing signs – Cllr Turner read the notes sent from Graeme Butler.
c.    Solar powered reactive flashing signs
d.    Speed enforcement group.

    Cllr Turner explained that the Speed enforcement group (training and equipment) would cost approx. £500

    Cllr Cooke discussed the Speed enforcement group may be worth looking at but would need a group of volunteers.  Cllr Cooke said that he felt the battery     powered reactive sign would be the best option. The battery would need to be taken down approx. every 3 weeks for recharging.  Cllr Cooke said that he     would be happy to do this. 

    Cllr Broom said the passive signs would be pointless and suggested the solar would be fixed and have no maintenance.

    Cllr Cope said that he could see both sides of the argument but that the battery powered one is more flexible and can be moved.
    A movable sign could cover more sites and attack the issue of speeding across more sites in Great Hale.

    Cllr Turner said that a meeting would be required to look at financing of any proposal with himself and the Clerk.

    Clerk added that Slow signs were to be repainted by LCC

    Cllr Broom proposed that we purchase a flashing speed sign.

    Cllr Turner proposed to purchase a battery flashing sign, establish locations with Graeme Butler and purchase up to 5 brackets for the device.

    This motion was proposed and agreed.

    Cllr Turner suggested establishing a Speed Watch group.  

    Cllr Turner closed the Parish Council meeting at 7.56pm and re-opened the Public Forum.  

    Cllr Cope asked if there would be any volunteers to be part of the Speed watch group.
    Member of the Public said that he would not be part of the group as there is the risk of too much abuse.

    Member of the Public said that in his previous village, members of the Speed watch group were subject to abuse and it wasn’t something he would want to be     part of.
    None of the members of the public present were willing to volunteer for the Speed Watch Group.

    Cllr Cooke suggested Facebook to gauge interest in being part of the village Speed Watch group.  A different member of the public said that not everyone     has a computer. However, Social Media is another tool which could be used alongside Village Natters, Noticeboard and website.

    Member of the Public said a Solar sign would be better as no one needs to take it down or maintain it.  Solar signs are static and cannot be moved so having     one would only benefit one direction and location in the village.

    Chairman closed the Public open forum at 8.01pm

    Chairman re-opened the Parish Council meeting at 8.02pm

    Following the discussion regarding volunteers for the Speed watch group it was decided to see if there was any further interest from Parishioners.

    Action:  Clerk:  Check eligibility for 6 free passive signs

    Contact Graeme Butler to agree possible siting locations for a battery powered interactive sign.
    Approach suppliers for costings.

(8.2)    Fly tipping on Carter Plot Road (22/117)

    Waste is till on Carter Plot Road.  

    Action:  Clerk to email / call Highways / Flytipping

(8.3)    Rubbish and bins on grass – corner or Little Hale Road / Church Street

    The bins have been moved – the issue is now resolved

(8.4)    Bench – corner of Little Hale Road / Church Street

    The Bench has been approved by Highways. This now needs a quote from a Highways approved company.  

    Action:  Clerk to contact Highways for approved list of Contractors and then contact Contractors

(8.5)    Any other Highways Matters
    Area of Hall Park through to Leas Road – Cllr Broom said that a tree had been cut back roughly and a rough stump left.

    Action:  Clerk to contact NKDC to report the damage on their land.

9    Orchard Green 

9.1    Inspections (22/118):  The weekly inspections were completed with satisfaction, and all was in order. Bins need to be emptied consistently. One bin is usually     emptied but not necessarily both.  A tree is coming down near to the zip wire. It was stated that the tree was in the area owned by Black Sluice.

    Action: Clerk to contact NKDC to check that both bins to be emptied.
    Working party of Councillors to remove the branch / tree Wed 5th Oct 9am. 
    Clerk to contact Black Sluice to inform them of the tree trimming.

    Action:  Next month’s inspections – Cllr Cope

10    Other matters 

(10.1)     Dog faeces in the village and over local fields (22/119)

    This is an ongoing issue. It was resolved to put some more signs up.  Permission has been given to erect a new sign on the fence facing the field. (rear of     new bungalow)

(10.2)     Quotes for trees / Spinney works (22/120)
    The quote for the tree removal was discussed.  Cllr Cope suggested getting another quote as some parts seemed expensive.

    Walnut tree – Churchyard – it was agreed in principle to undertake the work.  This would happen next Summer due to the nature of the Walnut tree.
    Action:      Clerk to send the quote to the Diocese to obtain permission for the work
    Clerk to approach W Simpson and French for other quotes 

(10.3)  Anglian Water reservoir feedback (22/121)

    Plans have been circulated from Anglian Water regarding the location of the proposed new reservoir.
    The formal Public Consultation starts in October and Councillors are to engage with the consultation and assess any impact that the scheme will have on the     Parish, so that the Parish Council can make an appropriate response     
(10.4)    Bus shelter window (22/122)

    The previous bus shelter was often used as a urinal and cleaning of the bus shelter was shared with Heckington.  When the new bus shelter was built, it was     decided to put an opening in to prevent it being used as a toilet, and this has been successful. 

    After discussion about:

    a: bricking up the opening – it was decided that this would possibly re-instate the lavatorial issue, so was dis-regarded
    b: installing glass – this would be a ‘smashing’ hazard and cause a risk to pedestrians, animals and vehicles.  This option was dis-regarded.
    c: installing a Perspex type covering – that this would leave to vandalism and grafitti.  This option was dis-regarded too.

    The decision to monitor the situation was made.

(10.5) Re-naming of Jubilee Garden (22/123)

    Cllr Cooke suggested re-naming the Jubilee Garden to the Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Garden. It was agreed unanimously to rename the garden as     ‘The Queen Elizabeth Garden.’

(11)    To resolve to go into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the         business to be discussed in relation to HR matters (22/124)

    It was unanimously resolved to go into closed session.
    The chairman closed the meeting and opened closed session at 8.35pm.

    The clerk and Cllr Cooke left the meeting briefly whilst discussions about The Clerk’s appraisal took place.

    It was unanimously resolved to accept the HR committees’ comments regarding the appraisal and no concerns were raised regarding the performance of the     clerk. 

    Clerk and Cllr Cooke returned to the meeting and the Chairman re-opened the main Parish Council meeting at 8.42pm

11    Future agenda items (22/124)

(11.1)    Speeding progress
(11.2)    Churchyard

12    Date and place of next meeting (22/125)

    Monday 7th November 2022 @ 7pm in Hale Magna Village Hall.

    The Chairman thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 8.56 pm