July 2023 Minutes

Great Hale Parish Council

Notes taken at Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday, 3rd July 2023 at 7pm at Hale Magna Village Hall

Present:        Councillor N Turner    (Chairman)
            Councillor G Cooke (Vice Chairman)
            Councillor M Barnatt
            Councillor A Broom
            Councillor J Cope
            Councillor N Dady
            Councillor L Mountain
Apologies        County Councillor A Key (Lincolnshire County Council)
            District Councillor S Tarry (North Kesteven District Council)            

In attendance:    Mrs Tracy Cooke – (Parish Clerk)

Public Forum

The Public Forum Opened at 7.00pm

There was 1 member of the public present.

The member of the public said that the track should be repaired in September providing they (Network Rail) can get access from the 3rd party.  The resident will be going to the MP and hopes that work will commence in September.

He further reported that the name plate at the bottom of Orchard Close has been replaced.

He added that 5 houses have been shot at and that this is under review.

Chairman closed the Public open forum at 7.02pm

Chairman opened the Parish Council meeting at 7.02pm

Official Business of the Council

1.    Chairman’s Welcome (23/61)

Cllr Turner welcomed everyone to the meeting and said how nice it was to see all Councillors present.  He thanked the Clerk for all the admin this month.  He continued to thank Cllr Cooke for his work with the speed sign – charging and replacing the batteries and sending data to Councillors.

2.    Apologies (23/62)

Council accepted apologies from County Councillor Key and District Councillor Tarry.

3    Previous meeting held on 5th June 2023 (23/63)

It was unanimously agreed that the draft minutes from the meeting held on 5th June 2023 were a true record. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.

4    Clerk’s Report (23/64)

a.    AGAR form scanned, signatures redacted & uploaded to website & boards
b.    Correspondence with resident re. grass verges
c.    Correspondence with resident, PCSO, Road Safety Partnership & Neighbourhood Policing Team re parking
d.    Scanning and sending Councillors documents to NKDC 
e.    Email to Diocese re Church Wall
f.    Email with Cllr Tarry re grass cutting responsibility
g.    Emails with Pete Langford & LALC re Gov email addresses
h.    Updated Policies with dates. Uploaded to website.

5.    To receive declarations of interests (23/65)
Cllr Cooke made a declaration of interests on Item 8
6.    To receive reports from County and District councillors (23/66)
No County and District Councillors present.

7    Planning Applications (23/67)

(7.1)    Planning Application Reference: 23/0556/HOUS
Proposal: Erection of a gazebo
Location: 4 The Maples Great Hale Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9XA

Planning Application Reference: 23/0601/OUT 
Proposal: Outline application for the erection of a bungalow with some matters reserved (with access, appearance, layout and scale to be considered) Location: 6 Heckington Road Great Hale Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 9JU

Discussion was had and it was felt that the proposal will be a squeeze and would be ‘over development’ of the site. Councillors raised concerns about poor Highways visibility and road safety.  They considered it as back garden development against planning policy and not in character with the area.

Action:  Clerk to make comments on the planning application.

8    Finance matters 

(8.1)    To approve the June 2023 bank reconciliation and spend to date. (23/68)
Council approved the June 2023 bank reconciliation and acknowledged the spend to date.

(8.2)    To approve accounts for payment (23/69)
It was unanimously resolved to approve the accounts for payment.

(9)    Highway matters for discussion and resolution 

(9.1)    Road Safety (23/70)

    The road sign at Orchard Close has been knocked down by a car entering Orchard Close on the wrong side of the road.  The road sign has now been replaced.
    Following correspondence from Parishioners regarding parking there was discussion regarding responsibility for parking close to junctions. There were concerns raised regarding issue of parked cars blocking visibility when turning from Church Street onto Little Hale Road.    Clerk stated that work she had done this month suggested that the Neighbourhood Policing team in Sleaford would be the authority responsible for this. Further concerns were raised regarding the junction between Leas Road and Grove Street combined with the lack of a footpath.

     Action:  Clerk to inform the Resident to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team

(9.2)    Highways – further issues (23/71)

     Cllr Cooke said that the solar panel company are holding the price at the moment. He suggested purchasing the panels at the current price and storing them until the pole has been obtained from the Road Safety Partnership.  There are delays on this due to a change in staff at the RSP.  The issue was discussed, and it was agreed to wait until the pole has been purchased and sited before the panels are purchased.

10    Orchard Green 

10.1    Inspections (23/72) 

    Cllr Turner had inspected the park this month.  He said that everything is fine.  The gate has been left open.  The Contractor is coming next week to continue work with the levelling so the gate will be shut and re-opened next week.

    Cllr Turner said that he had spoken to the grass cutter and now the standard is much better.

Action:  Next month’s inspections: Cllr Dady (July) / Cllr Broom (August)

11    Other matters 

(11.1)     Grass Cutting (23/73)
    Cllr Barnatt said that Bedlam Lane is overgrown. In the past, the Parish Council and a resident’s family member had cleared it.  Cllr Barnatt said that he would try to contact the resident’s family.  If no action is taken, then to contact the Clerk to do a Fix my Street.

Chair said that a few Councillors had walked around the village and looked at the grass verges and areas in the village.  The areas that we are clearly responsible for are good.  There are some areas that the District Council were responsible for which may now be the responsibility of Parish Council, which is still being investigated, as well as the frequency that the District Council cut the grass for which they are responsible for. The Clerk is continuing to get definitive maps from County and District Councils.
It was also noted that vegetation from gardens was obstructing the foot paths in certain areas around the path.

Cllr Broom said that shingle / pebbles from people’s drives are being transferred to pavements and roads, which are causing a hazard as they are like stepping on marbles.

    Action:   Cllr Barnatt to contact the family regarding clearing.  A lot of issues are arising from residents neglecting their own hedges.  Councillors to report on Fix my Street.

(11.2) Defibrillator (23/74)

The Parishioner in charge of the Defibrillator has emailed the Clerk requesting the Grant funding he was awarded to replace the pads, when necessary, to be transferred to the new custodians of the Defibrillator, who will maintain it.  He wrote requesting our permission to do this.  

Action:   Councillors all agreed for the money to be transferred.  Clerk to ask the Parishioner to say that the money came from the Parish Council when transferring the maintenance.

(11.3)     Queen Elizabeth Garden (23/75)

    A Contractor is due next week to level the ground.
(11.4)    Oddfellows Hall (23/76)

    A Parishioner has emailed the Clerk stating that the building known as Oddfellows Hall was in a state of disrepair. He stated that it was an eyesore to the village and asked if it could be tidied up.  

    Action:   Clerk / Cllr Cooke to investigate who owns the building and whether Council Tax is being paid.

(11.5) Dog Issues (23/77)

    There have been reports of dogs being out of control in the village.
     Cllr Cooke said that the anti-social behaviour number should be called to report any out of control dogs.

    Posts for dog fouling signs have been provided and dog fouling signs will be put up on them.     

Action:   Clerk to put the poster and phone number on the notice boards. 
Working party to be formed to put up the posts, drill the signs and attach them.

(11.6) Digital Security (23/78) 

    Phishing attacks have occurred to some Councillors.  The Clerk has been researching the use of .Gov email addresses.  Positives and negatives of the .Gov accounts were discussed. 

Action:   Clerk to ask if any other Parish Councils have had any Digital Security issues, and if so, what email addresses are being used. To discuss further at the next meeting.

12    Future agenda items (23/79)

(12.1)    Quickline Grants
(12.2)    Financial Regulations / Standing Orders
(12.3)    Digital security - update
(12.4)    Progress from Highways re Leas Road.
(12.5)    Oddfellows Hall

13    Date and place of next meeting (23/80)

Monday 4th September 2023 @ 7pm in Hale Magna Village Hall.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 8.11pm