Freedom of Information Act 2000

This Freedom of Information document was last reviewed at a Meeting of the Council on 13 May 2024.

Publication Scheme for Gt Hale

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives rights of public access to information held by public authorities.  The model scheme was adopted by Gt Hale at their meeting on 15th September 2015  Gt Hale is happy to share information and below is a schedule listing what information is available.  

The Clerk’s details are listed at the bottom of this document should you wish to get a copy.  Inspection of records is by prior arrangement.  

Council Internal Practice and Procedures

•   Minutes of Parish Council, committee and sub-committee meetings (limited to the last 2 years).
•   Agendas and supporting paperwork for the Parish Council, committee and sub-committee meetings (limited to the last 2 years).  This will exclude information that is properly regarded as private to the meeting.  
•   Parish Council’s annual report to the annual parish meeting.
•   Terms of reference for committees and sub-committees (where relevant).
•   Standing Orders. 

Code of Conduct

•   Adopted Code of Conduct.
•   Members’ Declaration of Acceptance of Office. 
•   Members’ Register of Interests (held by the Monitoring Officer/Clerk).

Periodic Electoral Review

•   Information concerning changes to the electoral arrangements for the Parish Council including recommendations for the creation of new wards, the amendment of existing wards, proposals for the names of new wards and alterations to the number of Councillors to be elected to the Council.

Employment Practice & Procedure

•   Terms and conditions of employment.
•   Job descriptions.

Exclusions apply to personal records i.e. appraisals, specific salary details, disciplinary records, sickness records and the like by virtue of being personal data under the Data Protection Act. 

•   Equal Opportunities Policy.
•   Health & Safety Policy.
•   Staffing Structure.

Planning Documentation

•   Parish Council’s responses to planning applications. 

Audit & Accounts

•   Annual return form (limited to the last financial year).
•   Annual statutory report by the Internal and External Auditor (limited to the last financial year).
•   Receipt & payments book. 
•   Bank Reconciliations (limited to the last financial year).
•   Bank Statements (limited to the last financial year). 
•   Precept request (limited to the last financial year).
•   Finalised budget.
•   VAT records (limited to the last financial year).
•   Grant applications/grants received (limited to the last financial year).
•   Section 137 payments (limited to the last financial year). 
•   Financial Regulations.
•   Standing Orders.
•   Asset Register. 
•   Risk Assessment and safety inspection records. 
•   Fees and charges applied by the Council. 
•   Register/file of Members’ allowances. 
•   List of contracts awarded and value of contract. 

Exclusions apply to all commercially sensitive information e.g. quotations and tenders, loan documents and insurance policies.  With regards quotation and tenders , this information is to be treated as confidential to ensure that the tender process is fair i.e. if tender information is released to a third party prior to the end of the tender period those who initially submitted tenders could be undercut or unfairly disadvantaged. 

Development & Implementation of Policies

•   Complaint’s procedure. 
•   Responses to consultation papers.
•   Analysis of responses to public consultations by the Council. 


•   Contact details for the Parish Clerk and Council Members. 
•   List of Councillors’ membership on any committees or sub-committees. 
•   Timetable of meetings. 

Schedule of Charges

•   Information can be obtained on request from the Clerk.  

•   Photocopying (black and white) will be charged at 10p per sheet, photocopying (colour) will be charged at 20p per sheet.  

•   These copying charges are based on actual cost incurred by the Parish Council.  

•   Postage will be charged as per the actual cost of Royal Mail standard 2nd class.  

•   A public authority can refuse to fulfil a freedom of information request if it estimates that it will cost in excess of the statutory 'appropriate cost limit', which is currently £450 in the case of a parish/town council.  The council may offer to provide the information where cost exceeds the limit if you are willing to pay the full costs in dealing with the request, but is not under an obligation to do so.

•   Any charges to be applied will be notified to an applicant prior to processing any request.  Payment may be requested in advance.

•   Gt Hale Parish Council resolved to approve this schedule of charges and the information contained therein at the Parish Council meeting held on 5 June 2023